Participants Will Learn in Christine's 60 Minute "Signs From Heaven" Workshop:

1. The 20 common types of Afterlife Signs.

2. Help with Survivors Guilt.
3. Tips for receiving afterlife contacts.
4. Tips for receiving a dream visitation.
5. The important link to prayer and receiving an afterlife contact.
6. Wondrous insights into Heaven.
7. A healing guided meditation - optional
8. Q&A with Christine.
9. Sharing Session if desired.
10. Book signing with the author.

Workshops & Seminars  - "Grief Healing and Signs From Heaven"

Researchers estimate that millions of Americans receive afterlife contacts. Surveys show that people from all belief systems, even agnostics and atheists receive them. However, because this topic is not mainstream, many do not understand they are receiving a "sign" from their loved ones and miss the comfort that God and their loved ones wanted them to have. Christine Duminiak's workshops instructs, enlightens and brings enormous healing and comfort and will help you to recognize your "signs" from Heaven. 

• Bereavement Groups

• Veterans Groups & Gold Star Families
• Bereavement Facilitators/Coordinators
• Healthcare Providers
• Hospice Workers
• Therapists and Counselors
• Medical, Holistic & Spiritual Conferences
• Funeral Directors
• Parent Groups
• Clergy
• Colleges
• The General Public



41st National Conference of 

​The Compassionate Friends

MOST POPULAR.......Your workshop (41st Annual National Conference)  was the most popular workshop signed up for!... Debbie Rambis, Executive Director, The Compassionate Friends 

INSPIRATIONAL…….Christine Duminiak is an inspiring popular presenter. (As I observed at her workshop at The Compassionate Friends 41st National Conference.)  She connects and engages with her audience in a powerful way as she shares personal and common experiences regarding the afterlife. She is vivacious, funny, and genuine as she takes hope to a new level…Cathy Cheshire, LLC, Master Grief Coaching 

​VETERANS HELPED.......This "Amazingly Light Filled Woman" and friend of mine answers heart filled questions for those left behind. Christine Duminiak has spoken (to veterans one-to-one) at The Chapel of Four Chaplains, and her words have comforted many veterans who witnessed horrific events and have helped bring peace to their hearts. Christine also gives a way to speak to grandchildren when a loved one dies. She is the Real Deal and God blessed us with her!...Cass Forkin, Chairman of the Board, Twilight Wish Foundation

GREAT…….Christine, I was at your workshop in St. Louis (at the 41st National Conference of The Compassionate Friends). During your guided meditation segment, I “saw” my son and granddaughter, as clearly as if they were standing next to me, in the flesh. They both had such big smiles. They let me know that they are OK. I woke (did I sleep?) so relaxed and at peace. It was wonderful. I also enjoyed the stories of the afterlife signs that others had received from their loved ones. Your presentation was great!...Marilyn Myers-Rollins​

BEAUTIFUL.....Christine! What a BEAUTIFUL wonderful talk and meditation at the Afterlife Awareness Conference! What you do and "how" you present it are healing, enlightening, and loving. You are a very Special and Beautiful Soul! ... Joseph O'Connell, M.D

PRAYERS ANSWERED.....The Afterlife Awareness Conference is more amazing than I even imagined. I have learned so much especially from, Christine Duminiak. I was hopeful but very skeptical about ADCs until I followed Christine's advice. She taught me to ask God for the communication and then tell your loved ones exactly what you want them to do. I prayed. I prayed in a way I never had before. All my prayers were answered and every single confirmation I asked for was received! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hopefully, I will see you at the next conference ... Much Love, Janette

DAUGHTER'S VISITATION.....On my first day of the Afterlife Awareness Conference, I spent the morning in a grief workshop with spiritual bereavement facilitator, Christine Duminiak. Christine’s workshop was topped off with a guided meditation opening us up to visitations from our loved ones. During the meditation, I felt my daughter sitting next to me, on the arm of the chair. I felt her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder. She was there! ... Kalila Smith

Contact Christine Duminiak for speaking engagements:
Phone: (215) 639-6249

​​​Christine Duminiak