AFTER-DEATH COMMUNICATIONS: God's Gift of Love  by Christine Duminiak is a comforting and reassuring spiritual self-help book for the bereaved to aid them in recognizing and receiving afterlife visits and signs from their departed loved ones and pets. Over 20 common types of afterlife signs are identified in great detail, including 130 compelling true stories of afterlife contacts from loved ones and pets. Includes tips for receiving an afterlife sign and dream visits. Gives scriptural references of gifts of the Holy Spirit and protection prayers.  This book is a must for anyone wondering if our loved ones live on, can still see and hear us, and are a part of our lives. ​ God's Gift of Love; After-Death Communications is Listed in the Top 10 Best Bereavement Gift Books by Books To Believe

DADDY VISITS FROM HEAVEN: For Military Families by Christine Duminiak is a tender story about two children whose daddy suddenly dies in a war in a faraway country. However, before the children even learn about his death, their daddy surprises them with a spectacular visit from Heaven. He reassures them that he is safe and that, Heaven with God, is a wonderful place. He tells them that he loves them, and that he will always be with them and their mommy. That he will be back to visit them.

"Touched my heart with such comfort knowing that my son, a soldier who died in Afghanistan, is in heaven with God now . It will bring hope and peace to children and everyone who has lost a loved one. ​I definitely recommend it for Gold Star Families."  Eileen Daly. President of The New Jersey Department of American Gold Star Mothers.  Proud Mother of Sgt Ronald A Kubik . KIA 4/23/2010

GRANDPA VISITS FROM HEAVENis a sweet and tender story about the close relationship between little Matt and his grandpa. When Matt’s grandpa unexpectedly dies, Matt is very upset and wishes he had gotten a chance to say goodbye. God hears Matt’s prayers and sends his grandpa back from Heaven so that he can say goodbye.  Through its beautiful illustrations Grandpa Visits From Heaven helps to explain death, spiritual bodies, heaven and afterlife visits. Grandpa Visits From Heaven was inspired by over 100 true stories of afterlife visits received by children from all belief systems. Their amazing comforting stories are available for reading in Christine’s book, Heaven Talks To Children.

BRILLIANT . . . Grandpa Visits From Heaven is an endearing story that will ease a child’s fears about what happens when a beloved grandparent dies. Paired with brilliant illustrations, Christine Duminiak is a master at gently reassuring children of all ages that love truly lives forever.” -LYNDA CHELDELIN FELL, Creator of award-winning Grief Diaries book series.

GRAMMY VISITS FROM HEAVEN by Christine Duminiak is a beautifully illustrated book about the tender BFF relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter Jamie before AND after the death of her Grammy. It helps to prepare children for any type of loss, and provides an enormous amount of comfort because of its unique feel-good ending! If a child is wondering where did the person go, and if they can still see and hear them, Grammy Visits From Heaven  answers those questions.  It explains death, the spiritual body, heaven, God, and afterlife visits in a heartwarming way. The story was inspired by over 100 true stories of afterlife visits received by children in Duminiak’s book Heaven Talks To Children. ​"A TRUE GEM…… A beautiful and heartwarming story designed to help ease children’s fear about losing someone they love. Duminiak’s expertise as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist shines brilliantly as she gently offers comfort on a child’s level." --Lynda Cheldelin Fell, President, National Grief & Hope Coalition

HEAVEN TALKS TO CHILDREN: Afterlife Contacts, Spiritual Gifts and Loving Messages by Christine Duminiak is a fascinating book that shares more than 100 true stories of children up to the age of seventeen who have been contacted by deceased loved ones. From cases where the child was born after the death of the relative who appeared to him, to comforting messages from those who died under troubling circumstances. Gives scriptural references of gifts of the Holy Spirit and protection prayers.
"FASCINATING...... A fascinating collection of children's experiences of communication with departed loved ones. I encourage everyone to open up their hearts and minds to what the purest littlest ones are telling us."  ---Msgr. Thomas Hartman, co-host of TV's The God Squad

Track 1 is a loving and healing voice-guided meditation that leads you through a nurturing time spent with God, your loved one or angel to soothe your heart and soul. Perfect meditation CD for both beginners and those used to meditating. Track 2 is solely tranquil music and is perfect for meditation, massage, energy healing work, reiki, and reflexology. CD Total Time = 60 minutes.   

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Grief Diaries Series of Books by Lynda Cheldelin Fell

Afterlife Contacts:   Books & Meditation CD 

​​​Christine Duminiak

GRIEF DIARIES: HELLO FROM HEAVEN co-authored by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Christine Duminiak and Mary Lee Robinson shares fascinating true stories about after-death communication and the power of love. Grief Diaries creator Lynda Cheldelin Fell dreamed of her daughter’s death two years before it happened. When the nightmare came true in 2009, she watched her deceased grandmother guide her daughter safely to heaven. Despite the shock of her tragic loss, Lynda’s experience brought tremendous comfort to her broken heart. But her incident is far from unique. Bonnie’s deceased father smiled and winked at her before disappearing behind a building. Mary saw her deceased mother’s eyes in the face of a stranger. The morning after Sharon released a single balloon in memory of her former fiancé, she woke to a voice in her ear saying, “I got my balloon.” Christine’s dead in-laws appeared in her bedroom, and stayed for an hour. Each story offers a fascinating glimpse into the possibility that there is more to life . . . and death . . . than meets the eye.

GRIEF DIARIES: LOSS OF A PARENT - Foreword by Christine Duminiak - By Co-Authors Lynda Cheldelin Fell and Heather Wallace-Rey. Grief Diaries: Loss of a Parent is a collection of intimate and candid narrations from different writers about their journey through losing a mother or father. The stories contained in each Grief Diaries book is a treasured reminder that none of us walk the journey alone. ​Part of the Grief Diaries series dedicated to offering comfort, company and hope in the aftermath of life's challenges and losses."DEEPLY INTIMATE . . . Loss of a Parent is a deeply intimate, authentic collection of narratives that speakt o the powerful, often ambiguous, and wide spectrum of emotions that arise from the loss of one's mother or father. I so appreciate the vulnerability and truth embedded in these stories, which honor and bear witness to the many forms of bereavement that arise in the aftermath of parental death."  Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, Chair of Psychology, Bryn Athyn College

GRIEF DIARIES: SURVIVING THE LOSS OF A PREGNANCY - Christine Duminiak is a contributor. Authors Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Jennifer Clarke, Stephanie Malcolm. A pregnant woman is said to be expecting, but no one expects pregnancy loss. The devastation in the aftermath of losing a baby, no matter how small, can steal your breath, and leave you with more questions than answers. Why did this happen? Did I do something wrong? Will it happen again? Why don’t others understand? Why don’t I understand? Offering a rich collection of true stories by women who share their intimate journey through pregnancy loss, this book is like a portable support group. Filled with answers to poignant questions, readers facing the same challenge will discover comfort, company and hope on every page.

GRIEF DIARIES: HOW TO HELP THE NEWLY BEREAVED – Christine Duminiak is a contributor. Authors Lynda Cheledin Fell, Mary Lee Robinson, Annah Elizabeth, Erica Gale Beltz. When someone loses a loved one, what do you say? What can you do? How to Help the Newly Bereaved is a powerful guidebook of suggestions and tips by 22 experts, the bereaved themselves, who share the support they found most and least helpful when they faced their own loss. Chock full of thoughtful insight and wise advice, How to Help the Newly Bereaved offers straight talk to increase your confidence and comfort around the bereaved and arm you with a toolbox of forget-me-nots and insight as you support someone during the most difficult time in their life.