Dream Visits

Dream Visits -  9 Helpful Tips

​​​Explained in Christine Duminiak's book After-Death Communications:  God's Gift of Love​​

1. Ask God every night to allow your loved one to visit you in a comforting dream. 

2. Ask God to allow you to remember your dream visit. 

3. Keep a pad and pen nearby to record your dream before you are fully awake, so you won’t forget it by the time you completely awaken. 

4. Very important—ask for God’s holy protection before you sleep or meditate so that your experiences will be comforting ones. 

5. Now visualize yourself with your loved one in pleasant and happy surroundings, talking to them about things that you have been wanting to tell them, as you fall off to sleep. 

​6. It is much easier for our loved ones to get through to us when we are feeling peaceful. Please pray to God to help you feel His peace in your heart at this time of your life when you most need it. Ask God to replace your heart’s sorrow with His joy. God is your best friend, He loves you completely, and He wants to heal you.​

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​​7. Please be patient in waiting for God to answer and trust that He will, for your prayer has gone straight to God's loving heart. This will help you to relax about getting a dream visit.

8. Ask others to pray for you too. Group prayers are very powerful. We would be happy to pray for you at our Facebook Group: After Death Communications and Prayer Wave.

9. Remember, it is ONLY a true spiritual visit from a loved one in a dream, if the dream is a comforting experience! Ignore any dream visit that is not comforting, for this would not be your loved one visiting you. God sends our loved ones for the purpose of bringing us peace and comfort! If you are getting dreams that are causing you distress, please be sure to faithfully say your protection prayers to God before you go to sleep.

May God bless you and heal you. Christine Duminiak