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After-Death Communication -- Prayer Wave

With Christine Marie Duminiak and Friends

We Never Really Have To Say Good-Bye

Prayer Wave is an after-death communication grief support and prayer website to receive an afterlife sign (ADC) or contact from your loved one who has returned Home to God. We use the awesome power of group prayer, and God has been comforting and blessing our Prayer Wave Group with spontaneous, personal, loving, joyful afterlife signs. This is a non-denominational group where all are welcomed of any religious affiliation. There will be open prayers on our Message Board to Jesus, God, Lord, or by whatever name one wishes to call upon our One Creator. Fridays is a special day to pray for each other to get a loving "sign". Share your cherished spiritual experiences, hopes and dreams with us. We will try to help you recognize any direct ADC's that you may be receiving. To Join Prayer Wave.
(Founded by Christine Marie Duminiak - September 27, 2000. A special thank you with much love and appreciation to dearest JO, who composed Prayer Wave's very first website.)

Click to View 2-Minute Video Clip of Christine on "The God Squad"
with Msgr. Hartman & Rabbi Gellman

Book Cover Painted by (Jax) Jackie Kern

Christine Marie Duminiak

An important spiritual self-help book for the bereaved identifying and explaining 20 significant ways we receive comforting afterlife signs and visits (ADC's) from deceased loved ones. It contains 123 compelling and inspirational stories of afterlife visits and signs given to our Prayer Wave Members and Friends from loved ones, Jesus and angels. The book includes insights on receiving an ADC, as well as healing from grief, and biblical examples of afterlife visits recorded in the Bible.

New Book Coming! Submit Your Story!

for consideration in Christine Duminiak's new book.

Children are often visited by deceased family, friends, pets or heavenly beings.This is a blessing from God to help comfort their families. If your child has received an afterlife visit, please kindly submit your story. Thank you. Christine Duminiak

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